Take a minute to make a list of all your company’s operations that are dependent on a reliable, high-performance IT environment. Our approach ensures: precision, coherence and transparency.

i2p is known for its flawless protocols that deliver security and optimal maintenance. Would you like to optimize and harmonize your entire IT environment? Stop thinking about it and let your business benefit!

The i2+ approach

IT? No need to think about it!

Your network infrastructure is managed and responsive support and seamless security are guaranteed. It goes without saying! The i2+ approach goes beyond simply supporting your IT infrastructure. i2p acts as a real IT department for your business and your interests are our priority.
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What sets us apart

The i2+ approach involves complete support of your technological environment based on hyper-precise protocols that leave no room for improvisation and ensure a constantly updated and optimized computer environment. You will also have a team of multidisciplinary experts at your side to advise you on all your tech projects and help you achieve your business objectives. Everything is explained in a clear agreement adapted to your needs so you can accurately estimate your costs and avoid surprises!
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A framework based on precision and assured stability


The i2+ service agreement is tailored according to your needs and the size of your tech environment. This allows you to determine a monthly budget, which you can then track in real time on our online platform. If the hours worked are more or less than what was stipulated in the agreement, we will amend your bill as needed.
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