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What is i2p Informatique d’Entreprise?

  • We are a company that has been in business since 1999, well established, with a competent, experienced and professional team.
  • Always evolving, we are a formidable technological partner, offering efficient, up-to-date and proactive solutions to our clients, which in turn allows them to operate optimally and worry-free.
  • Working with us means experiencing an environment that fosters professional and personal development, where every employee is listened to and respected.
  • It’s working in a stimulating, enriching environment where each day is different and brings its share of challenges.

Why would I want to work at i2p?

  • Because I like to surpass myself, take up challenges and grow personally and professionally, while maintaining a quality family life.
  • At i2p, we understand and respect work/life balance, which allows employees to feel listened to and confident. Communication within the team is essential and everyone supports and helps each other.
  • A welcome program is implemented for new employees, which allows for a structured and supervised integration. The value of working at i2p with all the benefits offered, including the quality of our partners, our team, the very competitive salary and all the employee benefits is simply extraordinary.
  • In the current circumstances of a pandemic, we have put in place maximum sanitary measures to ensure that all employees feel safe not only in the office, but also at our customers’ premises.

What does a work week look like?

  • The weeks are all different from one another, but the objectives and tasks to be accomplished are clear and precise.
  • Whether it is managing service tickets, time planning, doing follow-ups with our partners or visits to their premises for installation or support, each week is quite busy. The diversity of tasks allows for active and rewarding work days.
  • Always in a climate of mutual aid, exchange and collaboration, the weeks at i2p allow technicians to surpass themselves and learn more.

Do I need skills?

  • In this competitive and ever-changing environment, it is important to have the technical knowledge and skills to respond adequately to customer demands.
  • The stimulating environment offered allows for the constant acquisition of new skills and technicians are always learning.
  • Beyond knowledge, the human, friendly and professional approach is an essential asset.
  • Punctuality, resourcefulness, honesty and the desire to work closely with colleagues also remain very important at i2p.

What technological tools will you be working with?

  • We use the best tools in our industry: the most renowned service management software in the field, state-of-the-art RMM and documentation solution management tools, best-in-class disaster planning and backup, real-time network topology solution including active monitoring of network devices and a wide range of other solutions.
  • All these tools allow our technicians to have a truly proactive approach with "real solutions" and to intervene with speed and efficiency, which sets us apart from our competitors

Who will you be working with?

  • Our partners, the clients with whom we maintain a relationship based on collaboration and respect.
  • They are carefully selected, and despite the fact that we are an external company, our technicians have a real relationship with them.
  • Customers listen to the solutions offered, work with technicians to help them in their tasks, always relying on communication as a key element in the relationship with our partners.
  • The satisfaction of our clients and their loyalty are based on this close relationship of collaboration, respect and trust.

Computer Technician

Nature of Work

The Technician manages service calls and tickets opened by clients. They are responsible for directing client requests to the appropriate technicians. According to their experience and skill level, the Technician will also handle certain service calls under the supervision of a Senior Technician.
Their daily tasks include configuring new work stations, laptops and mobile devices. This portion of the work requires the inventory to be managed effectively, and orders to be properly received from suppliers.

Main Functions

  • Ensure service tickets are handled within the agreed response times
  • Assign the correct level of priority to service tickets opened by clients
  • Escalate service tickets to Senior Technicians or Network Administrators
  • Configure work stations and laptops according to the standards and information provided by the client
  • Manage the reception of orders from suppliers with Purchase Managers
  • Directly handle and manage service calls under the supervision of a Senior Technician
  • Install computer equipment at the clients’ premises
  • Manage inventory with Supply Chain Managers

Requested Training

  • DVS in Computer Science
  • AEC or DEC in Computer Science
  • Relevant experience is an asset

Senior Technician

Nature of Work

The Senior Technician handles service calls, both on and off site, as well as follow-up. They participate in complex projects, such as server migration, introducing new technological or cloud solutions, etc.
They are responsible for the clients assigned to them. They regularly visit clients and carry out precise tasks for each one in order to maintain their computer environment.
The Senior Technician’s regular duties also include installing and replacing computer equipment (work stations, laptops, routers, switches, UPS, printers, etc.).

Main Functions

  • Ensure service requests are handled within the agreed response times
  • Perform service follow-ups with clients
  • Escalate service tickets to i2p Network Administrators when necessary
  • Install computer equipment at the clients’ premises
  • Make regular visits to clients
  • Carry out general maintenance of computer populations
  • Participate in complex projects in collaboration with Network Administrators

Requested Training

  • AEC, DEC or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
  • All relevant training and certifications are an asset
  • The candidate must have at least five years’ experience in a similar position
  • Bilingual (French and English)