Loyal Express Group (GLE)

Toward synchronizing the IT network

Loyal Express Group (GLE)

Sector: Transport and distribution
Number of stations: 60
Number of servers: 10
Number of network equipment units: 18
Collaboration with i2p since December 2015

In the other spheres of our company, we work in partnerships a lot, and that’s the relationship we have with i2p.

Loyal Express Group (GLE) brings together about ten small and medium-sized companies specialized in transport, delivery, and logistics in Canada and in the United States. The group has a fleet of approximately fifty trucks and 800,000 sq. ft. of buildings for commercial rental.

In November 2015, following a new acquisition, the IT environment no longer met GLE’s needs. A complete reorganization was called for. At that time, Loyal Express Group had an agreement with an external consultant for occasional assistance when computers broke down, but managers wanted a company that could support them on a daily basis to take over.

i2p was then tasked with the IT integration of all the companies, synchronizing the network, and setting up security solutions to protect IT data. The various GLE offices are now networked together, providing greater control over the management of the different companies.

i2p also installed a new telephony service, including the negotiation of the termination of contract with the previous provider, which saved time for GLE as well as thousands of dollars. Highly reactive in responding, i2p, as an example, took charge of the rebooting of the network outside of regular working hours when there was a power outage, averting delays in clients’ chain of command.

Whenever there are computer problems, GLE employees are now comfortable with directly calling i2p technical support rather than turning to one of their superiors, thereby liberating their managers.

“I only have good things too say. i2p knows the individuals and actors in the network personally, so they are better able to help us. In the other spheres of our company, we work in partnerships a lot, and that’s the relationship we have with i2p. They never make decisions without consulting us or taking the time to understand our needs.”

 Yan Brouillette, Loyal Express Group

+ In detail

The i2+ agreement with Loyal Express Group includes:
  • the management, maintenance, documentation, securing, and optimization of the IT environment
Users and workstations
  • Management of accounts, emails, and data security and access to accounting system
  • Rollout and proactive maintenance of workstations
  • End-user support
  • Assistance with mobile device management
Servers and network
  • Rollout and proactive maintenance of physical and virtual servers under Hyper-V
  • Administration of network equipment and VPN
  • i2p-administered and hosted online backup system
Internet services
  • Management of domain names, DNS services, and SSL certificates
Special projects
  • IT integration and synchronization of network with Loyal Express Group companies
  • Support during a power outage
  • Set-up of new telephony service
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