Les Entreprises QMD

An ally for growth

Les Entreprises QMD

Sector: Construction
Number of stations: 90
Number of servers: 11
Number of network equipment items: 15
Collaboration with i2p since 2015

Beyond the professionalism, i2p is a true partner which displays great expertise and transparency.

Les Entreprises QMD specializes in implementing private and public construction projects in the commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors. The company has experienced lightning-fast growth over the past ten years, leading to the creation of offices in Quebec and a significant increase in the number of computer stations. Result: the IT system in place no longer satisfied the company’s needs.

The collaboration with i2p was initiated with an analysis of the state of the IT system, followed by the optimization of security as well as the synchronization and updating of the computer population.

i2p also proposed and then implemented a private cloud computing solution in order to replace the FTP system so that the professionals at Les Entreprises QMD can effectively and securely share their data with their partners. Today, this solution allows for better control of access to documents inside the server, thereby increasing security and facilitating management.

For QMD, the centralization of service calls with i2p permitted better budgeting and improved monitoring by the management team.

Thanks to the long-term solutions offered by i2p, loss of time associated with IT maintenance has been eliminated, with savings evaluated at several tens of millions of dollars annually.

“Beyond the professionalism, i2p is a true partner which displays great expertise and transparency. I never have any bad surprises with i2p. If another company needs IT services, I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

 Jean-Philippe Le Guerrier, CPA Auditor, CA, Director of Finance

+ In detail

The i2+ agreement with les Entreprises QMD includes:
  • the management, maintenance, documentation, securing, and optimization of the IT environment
Users and workstations
  • Management of accounts, emails, and data security
  • Rollout and proactive maintenance of set of laptop computers
  • End-user support
Servers and network
  • Rollout and proactive maintenance of physical and virtual servers under Hyper-V
  • Administration of network equipment and VPN
  • i2p-administered and hosted online backup system
Internet services
  • Management of domain names, DNS services, and SSL certificates
Special projects
  • Analysis of IT infrastructure and optimization, followed by audit report
  • Solution for online backup and server replication
  • Administration of Office 365 services
  • Videoconference solutions
  • Inter-site connection by wireless network
  • Assistance for BIM integration
  • Private cloud computing solution
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