The i2+ approach

An extension of your business

The i2+ approach involves complete support of your technological environment based on hyper-precise protocols that leave no room for improvisation and ensure a constantly updated and optimized computer environment. You will also have a team of multidisciplinary experts at your side to advise you on all your tech projects and help you achieve your business objectives. Everything is explained in a clear agreement adapted to your needs so you can accurately estimate your costs and avoid surprises!

What sets us apart

Peace of mind

You no longer have to “call the IT team” to ensure that your IT environment is properly maintained! Our contracts include regular scheduled visits by our i2p specialists. During each visit, the experts dedicated to your business will have access to the checklists and protocols that were set up and they will carry out ALL the necessary checks so that your IT environment remains up-to-date. We are renowned for this level of precision. It is THE solution that guarantees optimal stability, fewer crashes and higher productivity among your employees.

Transparent procedures

The i2+ agreement guarantees full transparency and gives our team the freedom to take initiatives to ensure your IT environment runs smoothly. Each operation is clearly identified and the usual completion time is estimated. You will have access to our real-time workflow tracking platform, which allows you to plan your budget and view complete service details. This strict framework ensures quality and control of costs related to computing.

Speed of execution

We are here to answer your questions and solve your problems quickly and with clarity! i2p provides comprehensive support and documentation for your IT environment so we can quickly and efficiently process support requests. Each request is prioritized and processed according to its importance and our resolution times exceed expectations.


i2p has been in business for almost 20 years. Thanks to our experience, we can offer you support and state-of-the-art expertise to optimize your IT environment and IT projects. We will help you make the best decisions according to your needs and business objectives!

Quantifiable profitability

You will pay less than the cost of hiring an employee and benefit from a team of multidisciplinary experts who will take care of maintenance and IT support and also support you in your tech decisions. Do you already have one or more IT resources in your company? When they join forces with our team, their strength will be increased tenfold and efficiency will be boosted.



A framework based on precision and assured stability

The i2+ service agreement is tailored according to your needs and the size of your tech environment.

This allows you to determine a monthly budget, which you can then track in real time on our online platform. If the hours worked are more or less than what was stipulated in the agreement, we will amend your bill as needed.

The service agreement: answers to your questions

Are all of your interventions billable?

When you sign an i2+ service agreement, we don’t charge for minor interventions. We don’t charge you for analysis needs meetings or for time a technician spends liaising with another technician. You won’t be billed for these instances.

Do you have to come to our offices for every intervention?

No. We install a program on all workstations which allows us to connect remotely. This allows for faster response time and reduces travel costs. However, we will come to your office whenever an issue cannot be resolved remotely.
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How can we ensure that our employees won’t call you too often or when it’s not necessary?

You can access our real-time workflow tracking platform at any time and check the frequency and purpose of each call and track each of our interventions. We will also provide a monthly incident report. We will also let you know if we receive recurring unnecessary calls. Don’t forget that, when you sign an i2+ service agreement, we don’t charge for minor interventions.

How are urgent calls dealt with?

As part of the i2+ service agreement, i2p is committed to responding to every urgent request in under 15 minutes during normal business hours. In order to make communication easy, we provide the cellphone numbers of at least 3 technicians who can be contacted at any time, as well as an emergency email address.
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How are technical support calls dealt with?

Technical support requests are submitted via email and a priority level is chosen: “high” if action must be taken within the hour, “medium” if action must be taken within 4 hours and “low” if the issue can be resolved during the technician’s next visit. Support requests are processed via the i2p ticketing system and the entire technical team is informed. Each support request is assigned a ticket number that facilitates follow-up. When requests are flagged as urgent, a response within 15 minutes is guaranteed (see the previous question).
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